Dexo Products

Dexo Products

Why choose standard products or work surfaces that are at risk of constant contamination when Dexo offers a 99.9% germ-free alternative. We can integrate this technology in to a vast range of coatings.

How would you like a kitchen that does not need be continuously disinfected for your children or elderly parents?
Dexo's coating can be used on any surfaces, for example work surfaces that come into contact with you and the food your family ingest.

Ask Yourself These Few Simple Questions

  • Ever not wanted to touch a handle or hand rail?
  • Wondered who had used the train, taxi, bus before you and your family?
  • Ever considered who had used the cash dispenser before you... Did you know there are more dangerous bacteria on ATM buttons than on your toilet seat?

Dexo – is the safer hygiene technology for a broad range of surfaces.

So the question is... Do you want public places or surfaces that need to by hygienic coated with Dexo?

Your children's toys and equipment can be safer.
The supermarket fish or meat counters where E.coli and Salmonella are found.
Air conditioning systems in public places that can house Legionella.
The wards and operating theatres of your hospitals where re-infection form pathogens like MRSA that are causing havoc and ever increasing cost to the health service.

All can be Dexo treated to make you safer.

Dexo protection is the technology you have been waiting for so why not ask for it?

We want you to help us in a campaign where public health is top of the agenda – join us!

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
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